Have your favorite motorcycle suffered scratches on the body of the motor for some reason? Whether it’s a result of friction with other objects that are not intentional or due to the occurrence of accidents that make the most of your motor body becomes smooth as before.With the growing and ever increasing use of two-wheeled vehicle is then certainly the result of increased growth of two-wheeler users and would pose a risk of highaccident rates come with the growth of two-wheeled vehicle users.

How to Eliminate Scratch on Motorcycle

Before comrades practice how to eliminate scratches the motor must first prepare some of the tools needed, then look carefully and do the ways below carefully:

  1. First, wash the parts that are scratched or there until clean.After that prepare sandpaper sandpaper with a minimum size of 2000. The size of the finer sandpaper is better but the size is highly recommended for the motor body. Soak the sandpaper and wet the entire surface of the motor body is scratched or scraped. Then do sandpaper by way of caution with the movement in one direction left to right or bottom upwards. Remember how this needs patience, do not let you in a hurry.Make up beret disappeared and the motorbody until blended but not too deep. After that, dry the motor body with a soft cloth.
  2. How to remove scratches on the second motor, if the motor body is not there beret or scratches and has a flat surface with the body compound provide smooth and rub a soft cloth sandpaper until the scars are not visible at all. And clean the remaining compound to smooth the motor body until it is clean nothing left.Compound is usually available at a car repair shop or a part of word magic store building or a modification of the motor body.
  3. Third, do the polishing in the body of the motor by using a liquid polishes are available as KIT or the like until the motor body shiny and smooth. Noteworthy do polishing by rotating so as not to damage the paint your bike. After completion of the motor is ready for use.
  4. Fourth is how to eliminate scratches on the bike shorter to remove scratches by using a commercially available tool. The tool is called “Fix It Pro” which is claimed to eliminate scratches or permanent scratches in seconds.For its use only need to use a tool shaped markers and end markers above beret or scratches until the scratches disappear.
  5. The fifth is a preventive way to avoid scratches or scrapes on your motor body that is by placing a sticker in full or full body in order to protect the motor body from unwanted scratches. In this way the motor body you will stay awake and when the sticker is removed the motor body will remain smooth as new.

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