how to care new motorcycle

For some people, there are still many who do not know the correct way of taking care of the motor. Of course you do not want it, your bike is still some matter of months had gone into the shop?Very regrettable one when it happens because you can not take care of him properly. Then, how to care for your pet a new motor?

Share some tips on how to care for a motor which is very useful for those of you who have a motor. So that you keep your bike in terms of performance and durability of the engine, and no less important is your motor body is still kept clean so that it looks new all the time.Try it compare between people who always took care of his bike people who carelessly just riding the bike. Different looks right in terms of performance and cleanliness of the bike? Therefore leave your oldhabits do not pay attention to the motor and start taking care of your bikeusing the new motor to take care of that to say below.Motor also want to be considered fully by you let me look handsome or pretty.

How to care for the new bike was very good for the health of your bike:

  • If your bike is still new, not used to carry a load that is too heavy a minimum of up to 500 km. We recommend running your motor at a steady pace, so that the engine you hold up longterm.
  • Take advantage of the free service motorcycle and three times the oil change. Especially for the treatment of motor 4 stroke engine, pour a little oil into the exhaust, so that your original exhaust durable and not easily porous.
  • Perform maintenance / periodical check (tune up).Should do a tune up every two months to the garage.
  • Warm up the motor before use. Do not be too long, 5 minutes is enough. Why only five minutes? Because if more than that, the exhaust pipe will turn yellow, and will waste fuel in vain.
  • Be diligent washing your bike. It also allows the frame and the engine you do not easily corroded and porous.

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