Some tips on car care

Regular maintenance is essential for your car . Regular maintenance will certainly reduce the possibility of unexpected damage .For that , you should take the time to read the car ‘s manual before startingtreatment .This will allow you to become familiar and understand the important parts of your car .

Here are some basic tips that can be used as a reference to perform maintenance on the car :

  • Check the tire

Tires will live long to always make sure the tire pressure according to the manufacturer’s specifications . Check the manual to find out how much the optimal tire pressure for your car. Also check the tire tread . Tires need to be replaced if the tire threads have started to becomevisible .

  • Check the car battery

Routine to check your car battery .

  • Checking oil , lubricants , belts , and hoses

Oil , lubricants , belts , and hoses can be checked easily . Check the enginecompartment if there is oil or lubricant level is low . Check also if there is wear and tear on the car belt .

  • Check the brake

Make sure the brakes are in good condition . Continue reading