Procedures Using Hazard Lights

Shortage of information about the order of the traffic on the street is still a common thing for every motorist and cars. There are still many riders who do not know the use of the hazard warning lights, especially for motorists. The use of hazard lights are not appropriate during the rainy season like now could cause accidents.

Hazard lights commonly referred to as an emergency signal lights, these lights on motorvehicles is a mode that can be activated so that the left and right turn signal lights flashing simultaneously. Hazard lights used as a cue or emergency alert on the vehicle and as a courtesy to other road users to be careful. For example, when the vehicle was breaking down, replace the tires or warnings to be careful that in tow. Hazard lights can be activated by pressing the hazard button with a picture of a red triangle. Generally, every motorist still use the hazard lights is at an inopportune time. This is not recommended and is not allowed, especially during heavy rains.

Position hazard lights located in every corner of and cause the turn signal lights do not work. Though the function of the turn signal is a sign to turn. When the hazard lights turned on, all the lights in the front and at the back will flash simultaneously. Motorists who are on the left or right of the vehicle would see it as a regular turn signal lights will turn right or left.At the time of heavy rains, the hazard lights are turned on will cause other motorists can not anticipate the direction of motion of the vehicle. Because the vehicle is turning on the hazard lights will be switched lanes own wishes, without giving the code to the left or to the right of the first. You should not ever turn on the hazardlights, simply turn on the headlights and cautious during heavy rains. Continue reading