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Month: March 2016

Understanding Hatchbacks

Understanding Hatchbacks

A four-door hatchback is a car that is small and has a body that is shorter, usually similar to a sedan but with no tall. Type Hatchback usually have a rear door that blends with the rearglass, and open upwards. And the luggage space is integrated with the rear passenger space.

Then what is the difference Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) and Hatchback? Judging from the dimensions are clearly MPV has a larger size, because MPV focus on the family car. And one more difference that is Hatchback only consists of two rows of seats just like a sedan. While the MPV is composed of three or more rows of seats.

One more characteristic of a hatchback car, generally the car is front-wheel drive hatchback or so-called front wheel drive. With a small form factor is not necessary great power to move the car Hatchback. And with front-wheel drive car is also claimed to be more agile, and is suitable for stop and go drivingstyle, which is more applicable to urban traffic congestion. Continue reading

Understanding Motor Fuel


Motor fuel is such a device / machine which converts thermal energy / heat into mechanical energy. This energy can be obtained from the combustion process is divided into two (2) categories, namely:

Motor fuel external combustion, which is a machine that has a combustion system that occurs outside of the machine itself. For example, a steamengine in which thermal energy from the combustion engine is moved into the working fluid.Burning of water in the boiler to produce steam vapor is then inserted into the new system of engine work to get the mechanical power.

Internal combustion engine. In general, the internal combustion engine known as motor fuel. Fuel combustion process occurs within the engine itself so that the combustion gases at the same time serves as a working fluid machine.Motor fuel itself is divided into several types based on the system used, the reciprocating engine, gas turbine motor fuel, motor fuel and jet propulsion gas. For reciprocating engine is divided into twotypes, namely the motor gasoline and diesel motors. According to his step motor fuel divided into a machine with a two-step process and engine with four-step process.

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