How to Turn off Continue Car Alarm Sounds

Today many cars are equipped with a remote alarm as standard features from the manufacturer. In addition to maintaining the security of the thief, is considered a practical feature for locking and unlocking the car can be done remotely. However, there are times when remote crash. This can happen when the alarm is still active. The result will alarm blaring roar and bother about.

Conditions such as these can actually be stopped by disconnecting the alarm. As in the MPV type car, the alarm can be disabled by opening the doors manually using the ignition key. Insert the key into the ignition device. Then turn the ignition key back and forth from the ACC position to ON as much as 10 times as fast and constant. Before it stops ringing, the alarm will sound usually rapidly then stops.

One sign of the alarm is not active flashing lights or lock doors when opened will also die. If you have this, then the owner of the car should be open or lock the car doors manually using the key. Keep in mind, the way this is done as first aid. Car owners are advised to check or repair the alarm remote components. If damage occurred again, it is better to replace a new car alarm components.

I hope this article is helpful for you