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Error Biker When Rain

Error Biker When Rain

Despite the rain with not too often. But the only time it rains, water droplets falling from the sky happens quite heavy. So with this condition must be aware by anyone.No exception to the biker road users which are two-wheeler riders or motorcycles. Often some misguided biker in the face of rainy conditions.What are some of the biker mistake?

The first is steadfast under public facilities either overpass or the like.By making use of public facilities for the shelter is actually very banned because the increasing number of bikers who take shelter in a place that it will lead to a fairly long standstill and also poses the risk of accidents because of the many motorcycle parked alongside a road.

Both choose a coat that is not quite right, usually occurs at some biker who choose a coat with a darkcolor. Because this color selection can actually cause accidents because it is not clearly visible by other motorists. In addition, some biker in Indonesia is also still opt-shaped robecoat.Though this cloak-shaped coat selection may pose the risk of accidents because it is very prone to snagging on wheels or chains. Should choose a coat that is capable of reflecting light and has a form of clothing consisting of a shirt and pants. Continue reading

Errors Using Lights


In late is a rainy month that has a high enough intensity. With heavy rainfall some areas in the country and even have caused flooding and landslides. Of course, with the condition requires concentration and prudence level is very high at the time of driving the vehicle respectively. Because otherwise it would pose a substantial risk of fatal for the driver and passengers carried. In addition to driving the way motorists also must obey the rules and trafficsigns. And do not forget to use a good vehicle’s lights headlights, turnsignal and fog lamp is both appropriate weather conditions and roads impassable. Because often the rider uses the lights that are not exactly on the road and weather conditions at the time.

Use hazard lights to the right, even if you get heavy rains the road you are going through it is unlawful if it’s turned on the lights because it would endanger other motorists behind the driver’s or front of the vehicle. For proper use of hazard lights for example there is a problem in front of the driver’s vehicle and at that time the size of the street is very small indeed.If it’s a torrential downpour just use standard headlights or fog only. Continue reading


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