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Make It This Before Wiper Troubled Rainy Season

Make It This Before Wiper Troubled Rainy Season

Caring for the wiper device not only on the part of the rubber, although the rubber wiper become the primary function. But some parts also need to be treated and checked carefully. Care wiper device should not be concentrated on the rubber, some parts such as wiper frame and the driving motor must also be considered. If the frame and the driving motor is not treated it will interfere with the driver during the rainy season because the wipers do not work.

Here are some tips on doing a thorough wiper care:

1. Frequent movement of the wiper droop if rarely do care, it can be seen from the holder wipernya or check bolt handlebar position wiper possibility in a state of slack.

2. If the wiper die not move or only one that works, check cable connections there may be loose or dirty. In this condition usually switch the wipers will feel the heat.

3. Do also some checks such as fuse or fuse is loose or not, immediately tighten if loose. If you need to check the connection or the handlebars wiper inside the handlebars regardless whether or not, in order to immediately fix the wiper normal again.

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Do not Underestimate Understated of Brake Clutch

Do not Underestimate Understated of Brake Clutch

The term was in common use clutch smell. The smell comes from the burning canvas clutch. Cases like this are often experienced by the car driver through the streets uphill. Beginning of this problem arises because of the bad habits driver who constantly stepping on the clutch on the manual transmission car.

Because the clutch is worn excessively, if it continues to be forced road even later can be more severe. Inevitably fly wheel must be replaced because it was rubbing against the metal plate clutch. When the clutch is already odors, he added, the better the driver stop the pace car for the safety of the trip.

If you must pass through the uphill road, the driver not to use half clutch. Half couplings were used just only from the stop to the street. When the car stopped on a hill is better to use the handbrake or for drivers who are proficient can use the foot brake. But should the hand brake so that the car does not retreat.

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New Carwash App for Easier Life


With so many things to do in very little time available, there are times when people have to be really selective in choosing the tasks they need to accomplish for each day. And in most cases, many neglected the importance of car maintenance. Carwash is considered as one of the most boring and tiring task that many would likely to avoid doing the task on their own. Yes, they’d like to take it into nearby carwash station to keep their cars clean and well cared by the professionals.

Taking the cars to the local carwash center seems to be a simple task however this could also be time-consuming and truly frustrating for some. It is because even though they can avoid the manual work, in most cases they have to spare their free time to visit the carwash. Weekend seem to be the perfect time to pay the local carwash a visit, where you have much free time available during those days and it will be a quick visit nevertheless. No, it is not! As most people think the same thing, the weekend can be easily becoming the worst day to visit local carwash center. Big chances you will end up wasting hours of your valuable free-time waiting for the car being washed.

And instead of spending endless hours awaiting for the carwash to be done, one can make it even simpler and less frustrating by utilizing the ZIDE App. This is a revolutionary mobile app that intuitively collaborating the modern technology with carwash and maintenance. So instead of the conventionally visiting the carwash station and get the car registered manually for the cleanup, people can easily to do the whole thing via online via ZIDE App. Once a service order is registered by the app, a team will be dispatched to the user’s location to pick up the car and to deliver it back once it done and fully cleaned.

ZIDE App offers efficiency on both time and effort as car owners can now easily to get their cars cleaned by the professionals while they’re at home or office. Everything can be arranged through ZIDE App so that people can ensure the car always well cared without having to leave their work or other activities. It also allows people to have more time for the family during the weekend without having to visit the local carwash station during those days.

And today, ZIDE App is available at ZIDEApp to download. It will be automatically installed to the user’s phone once the download is finished. And after quick setting and arrangement, the app will be fully working for anyone to use and order their first carwash service through ZIDE App. The user interface is so easy to navigate that even beginners will find no difficulties in utilizing this app at their very first attempt. For more information about ZIDE App and how it truly works, one can easily to learn about it by visiting This is the official website brought to you by ZIDE App developer to make sure people have more information about this carwash app whenever they need it.



Motorcycle is the engine of human invention.Then it becomes a natural thing, if there is a shortage and damage there – here. However, damage to components of the vehicle, certainly raisesconcerns on the rider. An example is when he found on a motorcycle fuel tank has leaked.

Besides disturbing, motorcycle tank leak would be very dangerous, especially if the gasoline ignited a fire exit. Actually, what causes the motor to be leaking tank? It turned out that the motorcycle tank leak cause quite trivial, water. Air can sneak in on a motorcycle tank, through the tank cap.If this happens constantly, then over time it became a lot of water and settles in the bottom of the tank. Then, the bottomplate motorcycle tank will suffer loss by water. And this is what is causing the motor tank is leaking.

But for the leak that had been unheard of, Immediately consult your authorized workshop of your motorcycle. Good luck…!

Tire damage

Tire damage

Have experienced motorcycle tires or tires that just used a few weeks to balloon?These conditions are hated by the rider because it is verydisturbing comfort when driving and can also cause accidents.

Ban swell due to the inclusion of air between the two layers forming the tire. The air will expand when the tires are worn on the streets and exposed to either heat from friction or directly from the sun.The air that inflates in a coating that makes the tire to balloon. When used flat will be felt shaking, like driving on bumpyroad.

The cause of the tire to balloon assortment, among which lack carefully situations during the productionprocess, charging excessive wind pressure, and could also be due deformation caused by the lack of pressure and excessive weight.Besides it can also be caused by stones or nails.

The often inflated tires can be seen from the vibration caused when the vehicle is used on unpaved roads are straight and smooth.If the vibration caused often when speeding, that means the tires run into bumps. But it must be distinguished, if the tire to be vibrating or noisy it could be a tire treadclay and stuck to the tires. Continue reading

Causes Paint Fast Car Wash

Causes Cat Fast Car Wash

Quite often the color of the car used as the identity for the owner. For example, the color white symbolizes clean and elegant, while the silver color looks practical and energetic.But these colors will not be attractive if its paint faded. Many factors cause the paint the car was quicklyfade. And on this occasion, summarized into four factors. These factors, among others:

  1. The first factor is water. Most people use the water for washing and cleaning a dirty vehicle body. But water can also be a serious problem that can make the car paint becomes dull and faded.Water dries by itself in the surface of the paint will make the paintcolors appear faded and mushrooms. So immediately wiped the water from the car body clean.
  2. The second factor is dust. Dust on the body is supposed to be cleaned so that the vehicle does not look dirty. But dusting the wrong way it will cause abrasion or scratch the appearance of hair on the body.For that, consider the correct way to get rid of the dust. We recommend that you flush the first car with running water with high pressure. Thus helping the stubborn dust is missing, then wipeclean.
  3. The third factor is the sap of trees. This applies to those who often parked under a tree so as not exposed to direct sunlight. But this would be a threat, because it could be the sap of trees falling and sticking to the car body. Famous tree sap is very easy sticky and difficult to clean if it dries.In a longtime, the sap will react with the paint and be difficult to remove even the paint is polished though.
  4. The fourth factor, animal. Manure especially bird droppings and insects are often the carbody. If exposed to things like that, you should immediately wash and do not delay to clean it. Because animal waste contains a chemical compound that can react to the paint and make it fade.Will initially patchy, but then so difficult to remove.

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Some tips on car care

Some tips on car care

Regular maintenance is essential for your car . Regular maintenance will certainly reduce the possibility of unexpected damage .For that , you should take the time to read the car ‘s manual before startingtreatment .This will allow you to become familiar and understand the important parts of your car .

Here are some basic tips that can be used as a reference to perform maintenance on the car :

  • Check the tire

Tires will live long to always make sure the tire pressure according to the manufacturer’s specifications . Check the manual to find out how much the optimal tire pressure for your car. Also check the tire tread . Tires need to be replaced if the tire threads have started to becomevisible .

  • Check the car battery

Routine to check your car battery .

  • Checking oil , lubricants , belts , and hoses

Oil , lubricants , belts , and hoses can be checked easily . Check the enginecompartment if there is oil or lubricant level is low . Check also if there is wear and tear on the car belt .

  • Check the brake

Make sure the brakes are in good condition . Continue reading

How to Take Care Exhaust

How to Take Care Exhaust

Each vehicle has many components as the unity which will produce transportation convenient and safe when used. Speaking of the components contained in motor vehicles certainly can not be separated from regularmaintenance in order to function properly as it should. One of the treatments that should be considered in any motorvehicle exhaust holes is performing maintenance or exhaust on the vehicleitself.The exhaust is pretty vital components included in each vehicle. Is tasked to process the exhaust of combustion of a fuel with oxygen which occurs fuel, so can be used as an additional power. If the exhaust is not functioning properly it can make the process of utilizing the results of the combustion engine is less than optimal. Allowing the occurrence of wasteful fuel and motor power is less than optimal. Well here

Generally, the exhaust has a fairly long period of usability. But with time or age allow corrosion or rust on the exhaust gas components that occur difference in temperature inside and outside of the exhaust pipe. Even if the homeless in the areanear the beach then corrosion will rapidly occur caused by relatively highsalt content in the surrounding air and allows the dirt that is easier to stick to than for those of you who have a residence location away from the beach.So that your original exhaust remain at maximum Performance and has a clean look and check out tips on how to care for the original motorcycle exhausts the following:

How to care for motorcycle exhaust original first. For the original exhaust or standard 4 stroke that tend to dry, the heat produced by the engine will quickly corrode and yellowish because dirt so quickly. Thus the engine preheat advisable to taste, not for too long.Clean the exhaust port on the silencer by providing sufficient oil in the silencer holes within twomonths. It is useful to prevent leakage or silencer and exhaust on the part of the neck adjacent to the exhaust silencer. Because if there is leakage or on the exhaust will produce poor sound, energy that feels sluggish and not environmentally friendly. Continue reading

How to Take Care Helm

How to Take Care Helm

As we know the bike has a security design that is designed not optimal and makes creating rider protection system that is less good because in the event of an accident, a motorist can be involved directly and result in injury and even to things that are not in want. It will be very different when compared to cars or other enclosed vehicles safer because of the different designs. Thus the helmet is a safety device that must be used for two-wheeler riders or motorcycles in all road conditions passed. The helmet is basically created to protect humanorgans is very important that the head of which there is a critical organ, the brain as giving orders to all organs of the body, which certainly has a vital role for the human body.

Before getting into how to care for a full helmet will provide information that helmets actually have an average useful life of 3 years from the time the helmet was made. And if it has undergone several collision or fall will make the structure of the helmet is broken and it is advisable to replace it with a newhelmet. Because if ignored will reduce head protection system by the helmet itself.So what are the full-face helmet to take care of this? Let us consider carefully how below:

  • How to care for the first full-face helmet is a helmet with a good save and make sure the helmet storage in conditions that are safe and clean. That means if such put the helmet lock properly and place the helmet with a distance not with vehicles or other objects. Because if at the time the vehicle coincide helmetlock will allow the helmet visor or other parts scratched and will reduce the function of the helmet.

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