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Some tips on car care

Some tips on car care

Regular maintenance is essential for your car . Regular maintenance will certainly reduce the possibility of unexpected damage .For that , you should take the time to read the car ‘s manual before startingtreatment .This will allow you to become familiar and understand the important parts of your car .

Here are some basic tips that can be used as a reference to perform maintenance on the car :

  • Check the tire

Tires will live long to always make sure the tire pressure according to the manufacturer’s specifications . Check the manual to find out how much the optimal tire pressure for your car. Also check the tire tread . Tires need to be replaced if the tire threads have started to becomevisible .

  • Check the car battery

Routine to check your car battery .

  • Checking oil , lubricants , belts , and hoses

Oil , lubricants , belts , and hoses can be checked easily . Check the enginecompartment if there is oil or lubricant level is low . Check also if there is wear and tear on the car belt .

  • Check the brake

Make sure the brakes are in good condition . Continue reading

How to Take Care New Motorcycle

how to care new motorcycle

For some people, there are still many who do not know the correct way of taking care of the motor. Of course you do not want it, your bike is still some matter of months had gone into the shop?Very regrettable one when it happens because you can not take care of him properly. Then, how to care for your pet a new motor?

Share some tips on how to care for a motor which is very useful for those of you who have a motor. So that you keep your bike in terms of performance and durability of the engine, and no less important is your motor body is still kept clean so that it looks new all the time.Try it compare between people who always took care of his bike people who carelessly just riding the bike. Different looks right in terms of performance and cleanliness of the bike? Therefore leave your oldhabits do not pay attention to the motor and start taking care of your bikeusing the new motor to take care of that to say below.Motor also want to be considered fully by you let me look handsome or pretty.

How to care for the new bike was very good for the health of your bike:

  • If your bike is still new, not used to carry a load that is too heavy a minimum of up to 500 km. We recommend running your motor at a steady pace, so that the engine you hold up longterm.
  • Take advantage of the free service motorcycle and three times the oil change. Especially for the treatment of motor 4 stroke engine, pour a little oil into the exhaust, so that your original exhaust durable and not easily porous.
  • Perform maintenance / periodical check (tune up).Should do a tune up every two months to the garage.
  • Warm up the motor before use. Do not be too long, 5 minutes is enough. Why only five minutes? Because if more than that, the exhaust pipe will turn yellow, and will waste fuel in vain.
  • Be diligent washing your bike. It also allows the frame and the engine you do not easily corroded and porous.

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How to Detect Vehicles brake lining

How to Detect Vehicles brake lining

Every motor vehicle must have a lot of components that can generate adequate transportation facilities, safe and convenient for everyday mobility. One is the braking system, which are important components of a vehicle that has a function as a means to slow or stop the vehicle during use. Braking components is a major factor driving safety. Of course that the braking system can work well takes good care anyway. Owners of vehicles shall observe and recognize the condition of the brakes on their vehicles. Be it on the brake disc and drumbrakes. So, how to detect a vehicle braking components have been exhausted?

It turns out to know the condition of the brake has been exhausted is by feeling. If the brakepedal when the vehicle speed is not stopped or reduced well then it must be replaced immediately.Moreover, if the brakes when there were sounds of screeching or friction between the two components it can be ascertained brake has been exhausted.Furthermore, if it is less so sure the brake that has been exhausted, it can be checked visually or by way of looking.Of course this can be done on the brake discs only.If you are still not sure then consult a reliable repair shop brake on the condition of your vehicle. Continue reading

How to Take Care Helm

How to Take Care Helm

As we know the bike has a security design that is designed not optimal and makes creating rider protection system that is less good because in the event of an accident, a motorist can be involved directly and result in injury and even to things that are not in want. It will be very different when compared to cars or other enclosed vehicles safer because of the different designs. Thus the helmet is a safety device that must be used for two-wheeler riders or motorcycles in all road conditions passed. The helmet is basically created to protect humanorgans is very important that the head of which there is a critical organ, the brain as giving orders to all organs of the body, which certainly has a vital role for the human body.

Before getting into how to care for a full helmet will provide information that helmets actually have an average useful life of 3 years from the time the helmet was made. And if it has undergone several collision or fall will make the structure of the helmet is broken and it is advisable to replace it with a newhelmet. Because if ignored will reduce head protection system by the helmet itself.So what are the full-face helmet to take care of this? Let us consider carefully how below:

  • How to care for the first full-face helmet is a helmet with a good save and make sure the helmet storage in conditions that are safe and clean. That means if such put the helmet lock properly and place the helmet with a distance not with vehicles or other objects. Because if at the time the vehicle coincide helmetlock will allow the helmet visor or other parts scratched and will reduce the function of the helmet.

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Caring for Automatic Car

Caring for Automatic Car

Automatic transmission driving on the streets of the capital or major city that was never out of a traffic jam , it is more promising comfort in comparing manual transmission car.But behind the comfortobtained,the automatic gearbox needing care exceeds the manual transmission , especially in dealings with the gearbox .

Here are things you should know :

1 . Automatic Transmission Fluid

In the automatic gearbox , there is a fluid whose name Automatic Transmission Fluid, its function is not only lubricate . The principle of the hydraulic automaticgearbox requires a mediator .Primarily to regulate tooth movement and pressed the clutch plate . So if the viscosity of the viscosity drops , the pressure generated will also be reduced .

2 . Combustion process

Because there is no combustion process in the automatic transmission , the lower the viscosity of the fluid is caused due to contaminationlifetime . It can not be avoided , because any friction that occurs in the clutch plate ,definitely generate a charge / Grum contaminants .

3 . slip Clutch

Symptoms can damage the automatic transmission in the feel of the clutch slip . The indication of an imbalance rev the engine with the car’s speed .Machines already roaring at high speed , but the car is running at a rate that is not balanced with the roar of a car . Continue reading

Caring for brake linings

Caring for brake linings

Driving a motorcycle is the best option for most people today, to carry out dailyactivities – day course can not get away with this two-wheeled vehicles. However, many motorists who are less aware of the problems that often occur on their motorcycles.Reviews of knowledge about taking care of vehicle parts such as treatment canvass is very important to know.

Here’s a guide to caring for the motor brake, before stepping on these tips there are some things you should know and do first. One of the important tips that cleans motorcycle chains, because in this way makes it easy to brake evenly, dirt on the chain can significantly affect canvas.Note also that the distance between the disc and the brakepad and brake drum motors do the treatment because there is often no grip. It is often asked how the riders are so fixed brake drum grip even though thin, will be given below.

In order to brake durable,the first step is check the condition and position of drum,disc holder main part of the cross section, both for new drum and drum former.Clean the drum in advance and make sure the cross section of the disc is clean, make sure the flat surface of the disc holder,it is intended that a rotatingdisk disc symmetrically so that the load is not too heavy to brake. Continue reading

Caution When you break through the Flood

Caution When you break through the Flood

Breaking through a puddle of water or even flooding sometimes be an option that is often taken when you are pressed for time.From this time maybe you should think twice first when deciding to break through the reckless flooding. Because the flood broke through potentially damaging components of the vehicle, be it a two-wheeler and four wheels.One part of the vehicle is potentiallydamaged when flooding is invited to break through the tire.

Tires that have been marketed and have got certification is very safe to use in a variety of road conditions.This is because prior to the launch, the tire has gone through various tests eligibility for patentingperformance.Basically the tire that has been marketed already with the feasibility test.This tire has been tested in a variety of extreme conditions ranging from hot to cold.No matter if you want to break through flooded or submerged, the tire stays safe.

In addition to the condition of the tires, the other thing to watch out when pushing through the flood is a hidden object in a puddle.These objects are usually invisible because of being on the road and stagnant rain water murky. The object can be wood, stone, nail attached to the wood, stone or cement chunks of sharp, brokenbottles, etc. which can penetrate the tire. Continue reading


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