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Things to Consider Before Touring

Things to Consider Before Touring

Touring is an activity long journey to a destination using either a motor vehicle or car. Of course, these activities are also highly favored by all the biker in the World. Due to touring together with friends, community members, or the club will be able to eliminate the fatigue of everyday activities.Especially with treats scenery and beautiful destination certainly will eliminate fatigue when riding a motorcycle. But unfortunately there are some deep biker traveling touring sometimes encounter problems or incidents on the streets. Supposedly as a biker must prepare and pay attention to everything before traveling touring, especially with the motor.

Surely for touring activities usually conducted in groups, because this will make touring members feel secure that there will be a help if a member has experienced a problem.

In addition to note when before departing touring must prepare everything well with cooked for himself and the vehicle. Starting from the physical preparation, before touring biker must maintain body condition in a state fit or fitter. Biker recommended to not run heavy activity. Also certainly do not sleep late at night which can cause drowsiness effects when traveling. Then certainly for the sake of keeping fit while on the go touring biker should wear completeness drive for yourself that can be wearpack. Surely ranging from helmets, jackets, boots, protective elbow, knee and so forth. The more complete wear pack is used, the lower the risk of fatal injury while experiencing undesirable events. After preparing the completeness, biker should also be extremely cautious, and always put “Safety Riding”. In the touring was usually consists of a long lineup. Then note the distance and note the code given by the biker in front of. Continue reading

Vigilant Vehicle Tires

Vigilant Vehicle Tires

Have experienced motorcycle tires or new tires are worn several weeks to balloon? These conditions are hated by the rider because it is very disturbing comfort when driving and can also cause accidents.

Tires  swell due to the inclusion of air between the twolayers forming the tire. The air will expand when the tires are worn on the streets and exposed to either heat from friction or directly from the sun.The air that inflates in a coating that makes the tire to balloon. When used flat will be felt shaking, like driving on bumpy road.

The cause of the tire to balloon assortment, among which lack carefully situations during the production process, charging excessive wind pressure, and could also be due tires deformationcaused by the lack of pressure and excessive weight.Besides it can also be caused by stones or nails.

The often inflated tires can be seen from the vibration caused when the vehicle is used on unpaved roads are straight and smooth. If the vibrationcaused often when speeding, that means the tires run into bumps.But it must be distinguished, if the tire to be vibrating or noisy it could be a tire tread clay and stuck to the tires. Continue reading

How While Driving Rain

How While Driving Rain

With torrential rain which certainly produces a slippery roads, limited visibility and can even cause flooding at any given point. Obviously with these conditions when driving the vehicle be it a car or motorcycle will lead to a higher risk because due to rain this.The greatest possibility is diminished traction tires because the process that causes a vehicle Hydroplaning easy to slip. And also there are other things that can happen at any time during the rain.

The first is always focused on the wheel and the road you are going through, also avoid talking or phoned. Because if you are chatting or calling will reduce the concentration of the driver that will cause the risk of accidents that are not in want.If there is a telephonecall or telephone purposes are important then you better pull over in a safe place so as not to endanger yourself and other road users.

Both always keep the vehicle, to adhere to a safedistance your vehicle through your estimates it will minimize the risk of injury to the vehicle in front of you.For the car at highspeed safest is about the length of six cars in front of you, if a low speed can be lessthan that. As for the bike about 5times the length of the motor, because the motor is easy to dodge. But it remains cautious in pass braking and driving. Continue reading

How to Detect Vehicles brake lining

How to Detect Vehicles brake lining

Every motor vehicle must have a lot of components that can generate adequate transportation facilities, safe and convenient for everyday mobility. One is the braking system, which are important components of a vehicle that has a function as a means to slow or stop the vehicle during use. Braking components is a major factor driving safety. Of course that the braking system can work well takes good care anyway. Owners of vehicles shall observe and recognize the condition of the brakes on their vehicles. Be it on the brake disc and drumbrakes. So, how to detect a vehicle braking components have been exhausted?

It turns out to know the condition of the brake has been exhausted is by feeling. If the brakepedal when the vehicle speed is not stopped or reduced well then it must be replaced immediately.Moreover, if the brakes when there were sounds of screeching or friction between the two components it can be ascertained brake has been exhausted.Furthermore, if it is less so sure the brake that has been exhausted, it can be checked visually or by way of looking.Of course this can be done on the brake discs only.If you are still not sure then consult a reliable repair shop brake on the condition of your vehicle. Continue reading

How to Eliminate Motorcycle scratch


Have your favorite motorcycle suffered scratches on the body of the motor for some reason? Whether it’s a result of friction with other objects that are not intentional or due to the occurrence of accidents that make the most of your motor body becomes smooth as before.With the growing and ever increasing use of two-wheeled vehicle is then certainly the result of increased growth of two-wheeler users and would pose a risk of highaccident rates come with the growth of two-wheeled vehicle users.

How to Eliminate Scratch on Motorcycle

Before comrades practice how to eliminate scratches the motor must first prepare some of the tools needed, then look carefully and do the ways below carefully:

  1. First, wash the parts that are scratched or there until clean.After that prepare sandpaper sandpaper with a minimum size of 2000. The size of the finer sandpaper is better but the size is highly recommended for the motor body. Soak the sandpaper and wet the entire surface of the motor body is scratched or scraped. Then do sandpaper by way of caution with the movement in one direction left to right or bottom upwards. Remember how this needs patience, do not let you in a hurry.Make up beret disappeared and the motorbody until blended but not too deep. After that, dry the motor body with a soft cloth.
  2. How to remove scratches on the second motor, if the motor body is not there beret or scratches and has a flat surface with the body compound provide smooth and rub a soft cloth sandpaper until the scars are not visible at all. And clean the remaining compound to smooth the motor body until it is clean nothing left.Compound is usually available at a car repair shop or a part of word magic store building or a modification of the motor body.
  3. Third, do the polishing in the body of the motor by using a liquid polishes are available as KIT or the like until the motor body shiny and smooth. Noteworthy do polishing by rotating so as not to damage the paint your bike. After completion of the motor is ready for use.
  4. Fourth is how to eliminate scratches on the bike shorter to remove scratches by using a commercially available tool. The tool is called “Fix It Pro” which is claimed to eliminate scratches or permanent scratches in seconds.For its use only need to use a tool shaped markers and end markers above beret or scratches until the scratches disappear.
  5. The fifth is a preventive way to avoid scratches or scrapes on your motor body that is by placing a sticker in full or full body in order to protect the motor body from unwanted scratches. In this way the motor body you will stay awake and when the sticker is removed the motor body will remain smooth as new.

Continue reading

How to Take Care Exhaust

How to Take Care Exhaust

Each vehicle has many components as the unity which will produce transportation convenient and safe when used. Speaking of the components contained in motor vehicles certainly can not be separated from regularmaintenance in order to function properly as it should. One of the treatments that should be considered in any motorvehicle exhaust holes is performing maintenance or exhaust on the vehicleitself.The exhaust is pretty vital components included in each vehicle. Is tasked to process the exhaust of combustion of a fuel with oxygen which occurs fuel, so can be used as an additional power. If the exhaust is not functioning properly it can make the process of utilizing the results of the combustion engine is less than optimal. Allowing the occurrence of wasteful fuel and motor power is less than optimal. Well here

Generally, the exhaust has a fairly long period of usability. But with time or age allow corrosion or rust on the exhaust gas components that occur difference in temperature inside and outside of the exhaust pipe. Even if the homeless in the areanear the beach then corrosion will rapidly occur caused by relatively highsalt content in the surrounding air and allows the dirt that is easier to stick to than for those of you who have a residence location away from the beach.So that your original exhaust remain at maximum Performance and has a clean look and check out tips on how to care for the original motorcycle exhausts the following:

How to care for motorcycle exhaust original first. For the original exhaust or standard 4 stroke that tend to dry, the heat produced by the engine will quickly corrode and yellowish because dirt so quickly. Thus the engine preheat advisable to taste, not for too long.Clean the exhaust port on the silencer by providing sufficient oil in the silencer holes within twomonths. It is useful to prevent leakage or silencer and exhaust on the part of the neck adjacent to the exhaust silencer. Because if there is leakage or on the exhaust will produce poor sound, energy that feels sluggish and not environmentally friendly. Continue reading

Hand Brake Overcoming Loss and Damage

Hand Brake Overcoming Loss and Damage

Dare drive, together with risk-taking. That’s because many things can happen on the road while you drive. One of the obstacles that often happens is that the trip due to damage components on the vehicle. Sometimes this can not be avoided.The only way is encountered.

Speaking of the barrier drive, you may never experience the hand brake suddenly stalled, while riding a motorcycle. If so, do not be too panicked. Nothing you can do about it. Handbrake is an important component in every car, which has a key deliverer at the end of the lever. Its function is to release the hand brake. To operate, quitesimply. We only need to press the button first, then lower the hand brake lever.While the mechanism of the handbrake lever to the rear brake pads using a cable that is connected to the left and right rearbrake. So, when the hand brake is pulled, then the canvasleft and right rear brake will hold the rear wheels through the canvas that secures the brake drum brakes (drum brake).

This component has a function curb when parking the car, when the car stopped on a hill so as not to retreat, it can also be used when the primary brake tension to reduce the speed of the car. So it is quite pictured right, when suddenly the hand brake has crashed? What exactly the factors causing this?One of the problems that may occur on the hand brakelever handbrake is not refundable after being pulled.This is due to the withdrawal of the hand brake lever too strongly that exceed the maximum limit mechanism serrations on the inside.To restore the handbrake lever jammed, of course, needed extra power.Very pictured right, if the driver is a woman. Continue reading


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