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How it Works Drive System

How it Works Drive System

Innovation and technological developments increased so rapidly in the automotive world lately. It requires customers to know everything in great detail in order to get a vehicle that suits your needs and be able to drive it well.It certainly applies to two-wheeled vehicles namely motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles namely cars.

Beginning of All Wheel Drive (AWD) system that is driving a car which rotate all existing wheels. Although this system has a way of driving the same with 4WD but both have a design and a way of working is completely different. By using this drive system, the power car will be properly channeled to all wheels being there. So that will give goodperformance both in on-road and off-road.

Then there is the Four Wheel Drive (4WD) similar to AWD, but usually drive system is more often found in the large car SUV that will give a very strong performance in the toughest off-road terrain. Where can prevent tire slippage for maximum power delivery. Then the next place there Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), which is a car drive system on the rear wheels only.This system is a mechanical system that is found mostly car, which has advantages for slippery roads and uphill. Continue reading



Work Process is the overall sequential steps for the occurrence of the duty cycle of the motor. This work process occurs sequentially and repeatedly. Piston motor moves back and forth from the dead point to the bottom deadpoint and from the bottom dead point to the top dead point in the next step


Step Suction

In this step, the mixture of fuel and gasoline in the suction in the suction cylinder. Valve open while the exhaust valve is closed. Time the piston moves from top dead center to bottom dead point, causing the cylinder into a vacuumchamber and causing the entry of the mixture of air and fuel into the cylinders which caused the outside air pressure.

Step Compression

In this step, a mixture of air and fuel is compressed. Suction valves and exhaust valves are closed. Time the piston rises from the bottom dead point to the top dead point, the mixture was compressed smoked. As a result, the pressure and the temperature will rise, so will flammable. When this happens a spark from the spark plug. Crankshaft rotates once when the piston reaches top dead. Continue reading

Clutch linings Fast Car Sold

Clutch linings Fast Car Sold

Various types of vehicles that now it has advantages and disadvantages of each. Four wheeldrive vehicles, on this type of vehicle also has a wide range of other variants. Like any type of auto transmission or manual transmission types also have significant differences.

First for car models with a manual transmission is used more troublesome because the user must at all times operate the clutch, gas and gear lever simultaneously.But cars that have this type of user is known to have more power and more reliable than the version transmission. Even when the user is driving in a trafficjam on the road that would be tired.Moreover, if the roads are impassable undulating up and down, then more draining.

Secondly there is a car that has an automatic transmission. It began in recent years have adopted a kind of cartransmission system has been popular and in demand by the world community, especially for the road conditions in the country. Continue reading

Differences and Halogen Incandescent Lamps

Differences and Halogen Incandescent Lamps

Your active drive, must have been greatly benefit the lights on your vehicle. Components that one, did have an important role to the safety of driving, especially at night.By turning on the light, then you can see the environment around your vehicle. It will help you to avoid things that are not desirable. You can turn the lights on low beam, or light close quarters for the night. Its function is of course to illuminate the road at night. Well, if you want to precede the vehicle in front, use your highbeams or beam, as a signal. You can also use it when foggy.

One of these types of lamps used. If we talk about the type of vehicle lights, you probably already quite familiar to hear the name of incandescent and halogen lamps. Both are just two of the many kinds of vehicle lights. Both of them, must have their own pluses and minuses. Basically, the halogen lamp is part of the incandescent lamp. But thanks to technologydevelopment, quality could be better than a halogen bulb. This, seen in incandescent lamps, which heat up quickly and more easily broken.Meanwhile, the halogen lamp has more light and better quality, so and more durable.

Differences incandescent and halogen lamps, also lies in the way of installation. If you are installing halogen lamps, it is not advisable to touch the glass.This is because the hand or finger is containing oil. Fingerprints left on the glass, could eventually affect the intensity of the lighting. If we talk about the intensity of the lighting, the incandescent lamp light source comes from an electric current to the filament and produce heat. At the time of the hot filament, the tungsten will evaporate and stick to the inside of the glasswall. That process, which made us very often come across the glass walls of incandescent lamps, black. In such circumstances, then the lamp for long dead. Continue reading

Caring for Automatic Car

Caring for Automatic Car

Automatic transmission driving on the streets of the capital or major city that was never out of a traffic jam , it is more promising comfort in comparing manual transmission car.But behind the comfortobtained,the automatic gearbox needing care exceeds the manual transmission , especially in dealings with the gearbox .

Here are things you should know :

1 . Automatic Transmission Fluid

In the automatic gearbox , there is a fluid whose name Automatic Transmission Fluid, its function is not only lubricate . The principle of the hydraulic automaticgearbox requires a mediator .Primarily to regulate tooth movement and pressed the clutch plate . So if the viscosity of the viscosity drops , the pressure generated will also be reduced .

2 . Combustion process

Because there is no combustion process in the automatic transmission , the lower the viscosity of the fluid is caused due to contaminationlifetime . It can not be avoided , because any friction that occurs in the clutch plate ,definitely generate a charge / Grum contaminants .

3 . slip Clutch

Symptoms can damage the automatic transmission in the feel of the clutch slip . The indication of an imbalance rev the engine with the car’s speed .Machines already roaring at high speed , but the car is running at a rate that is not balanced with the roar of a car . Continue reading

Caring for brake linings

Caring for brake linings

Driving a motorcycle is the best option for most people today, to carry out dailyactivities – day course can not get away with this two-wheeled vehicles. However, many motorists who are less aware of the problems that often occur on their motorcycles.Reviews of knowledge about taking care of vehicle parts such as treatment canvass is very important to know.

Here’s a guide to caring for the motor brake, before stepping on these tips there are some things you should know and do first. One of the important tips that cleans motorcycle chains, because in this way makes it easy to brake evenly, dirt on the chain can significantly affect canvas.Note also that the distance between the disc and the brakepad and brake drum motors do the treatment because there is often no grip. It is often asked how the riders are so fixed brake drum grip even though thin, will be given below.

In order to brake durable,the first step is check the condition and position of drum,disc holder main part of the cross section, both for new drum and drum former.Clean the drum in advance and make sure the cross section of the disc is clean, make sure the flat surface of the disc holder,it is intended that a rotatingdisk disc symmetrically so that the load is not too heavy to brake. Continue reading


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