How it Works Drive System

Innovation and technological developments increased so rapidly in the automotive world lately. It requires customers to know everything in great detail in order to get a vehicle that suits your needs and be able to drive it well.It certainly applies to two-wheeled vehicles namely motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles namely cars.

Beginning of All Wheel Drive (AWD) system that is driving a car which rotate all existing wheels. Although this system has a way of driving the same with 4WD but both have a design and a way of working is completely different. By using this drive system, the power car will be properly channeled to all wheels being there. So that will give goodperformance both in on-road and off-road.

Then there is the Four Wheel Drive (4WD) similar to AWD, but usually drive system is more often found in the large car SUV that will give a very strong performance in the toughest off-road terrain. Where can prevent tire slippage for maximum power delivery. Then the next place there Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), which is a car drive system on the rear wheels only.This system is a mechanical system that is found mostly car, which has advantages for slippery roads and uphill. Continue reading