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Causes Paint Fast Car Wash

Causes Cat Fast Car Wash

Quite often the color of the car used as the identity for the owner. For example, the color white symbolizes clean and elegant, while the silver color looks practical and energetic.But these colors will not be attractive if its paint faded. Many factors cause the paint the car was quicklyfade. And on this occasion, summarized into four factors. These factors, among others:

  1. The first factor is water. Most people use the water for washing and cleaning a dirty vehicle body. But water can also be a serious problem that can make the car paint becomes dull and faded.Water dries by itself in the surface of the paint will make the paintcolors appear faded and mushrooms. So immediately wiped the water from the car body clean.
  2. The second factor is dust. Dust on the body is supposed to be cleaned so that the vehicle does not look dirty. But dusting the wrong way it will cause abrasion or scratch the appearance of hair on the body.For that, consider the correct way to get rid of the dust. We recommend that you flush the first car with running water with high pressure. Thus helping the stubborn dust is missing, then wipeclean.
  3. The third factor is the sap of trees. This applies to those who often parked under a tree so as not exposed to direct sunlight. But this would be a threat, because it could be the sap of trees falling and sticking to the car body. Famous tree sap is very easy sticky and difficult to clean if it dries.In a longtime, the sap will react with the paint and be difficult to remove even the paint is polished though.
  4. The fourth factor, animal. Manure especially bird droppings and insects are often the carbody. If exposed to things like that, you should immediately wash and do not delay to clean it. Because animal waste contains a chemical compound that can react to the paint and make it fade.Will initially patchy, but then so difficult to remove.

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Understanding Hatchbacks

Understanding Hatchbacks

A four-door hatchback is a car that is small and has a body that is shorter, usually similar to a sedan but with no tall. Type Hatchback usually have a rear door that blends with the rearglass, and open upwards. And the luggage space is integrated with the rear passenger space.

Then what is the difference Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) and Hatchback? Judging from the dimensions are clearly MPV has a larger size, because MPV focus on the family car. And one more difference that is Hatchback only consists of two rows of seats just like a sedan. While the MPV is composed of three or more rows of seats.

One more characteristic of a hatchback car, generally the car is front-wheel drive hatchback or so-called front wheel drive. With a small form factor is not necessary great power to move the car Hatchback. And with front-wheel drive car is also claimed to be more agile, and is suitable for stop and go drivingstyle, which is more applicable to urban traffic congestion. Continue reading

Paint Colors thermochromic

Paint Colors thermochromic

Not only chameleon who can change the color, the automotive world is also raged about a paint that can change color according to the temperature.The thermochromic paint is paint that is being produced by Platinum Motorsport garage modifications.This paint is not just any ordinary paint, paint is claimed to be able to change color according to the temperature of the room.

Previously it had appeared a chameleon paint on the market, the paint can change color depending on the circulation of light and the viewing position. But for this thermochromic paint, can change to adjust to the temperature in the vehicle. Colors are displayed also solid character, not just a silhouette alone. Cat is also claimed to have the same durability with paint in general. Continue reading

Function Rear Wiper

Function Rear Wiper

Each vehicle is a means of transport for everyday purposes is composed of several components. Where existing components into a single unit and have their respective functions.One of them on the means of transportation in the form of four-wheeled vehicles or cars.In a car indeed there are manycomponents that are more supportive in terms of safety and comfort.

Of course, you all have to know or be familiar such thing? Mandatory component on a car is usually located on the outside of the glass, both in the front and rear glass section. It turned out that the function of the rearwiper on a car is very important, you know, especially when it rains or certain other conditions. Because when it rains the driver of a car is more likely to look in the rearview mirror to see the visualization of the rear of the vehicle, and that it is in order to maintain safety while driving.

When the rear wiper working properly or is able to clean the water and dirt with the optimal driver’s view can be optimized so that it will greatly affect the brakingfeeling at any time.For when the wipers may not work properly and dirty, could have been the driver is braking wrong and not right so it can be an accident. Continue reading

How Good Braking When Rain

How Good Braking When Rain

Rainy conditions are still quite high, for road users who drove the vehicles would remain prone to accidents. Generally, the cause of the risk of accidents are caused by mechanical improper, especially on road conditions have a point high water, a wet track is slippery and the view of the wheel less than the maximum because of heavy rain or thick fog caused when rain in the highlands.

That all accidents can be minimized and it actually prevented if the drivers to be careful, understand road conditions and surroundings are impassable when it rains, as well as perform brakingtechniques appropriately and correctly.

Understand the conditions of rain, rain is usually the first time in quite a long period of no rain then there is a highdegree of slippage. Because of the variety of dirt, moss and other attached getting wet road and easily friction of an object.And with these two tire traction is reduced.Even if the water formed a relatively high altitude would endanger motorists because the tire will float.Therefore understanding the rainy conditions and the environment and be careful it is very important. Continue reading

Caring for Automatic Car

Caring for Automatic Car

Automatic transmission driving on the streets of the capital or major city that was never out of a traffic jam , it is more promising comfort in comparing manual transmission car.But behind the comfortobtained,the automatic gearbox needing care exceeds the manual transmission , especially in dealings with the gearbox .

Here are things you should know :

1 . Automatic Transmission Fluid

In the automatic gearbox , there is a fluid whose name Automatic Transmission Fluid, its function is not only lubricate . The principle of the hydraulic automaticgearbox requires a mediator .Primarily to regulate tooth movement and pressed the clutch plate . So if the viscosity of the viscosity drops , the pressure generated will also be reduced .

2 . Combustion process

Because there is no combustion process in the automatic transmission , the lower the viscosity of the fluid is caused due to contaminationlifetime . It can not be avoided , because any friction that occurs in the clutch plate ,definitely generate a charge / Grum contaminants .

3 . slip Clutch

Symptoms can damage the automatic transmission in the feel of the clutch slip . The indication of an imbalance rev the engine with the car’s speed .Machines already roaring at high speed , but the car is running at a rate that is not balanced with the roar of a car . Continue reading

Caution When you break through the Flood

Caution When you break through the Flood

Breaking through a puddle of water or even flooding sometimes be an option that is often taken when you are pressed for time.From this time maybe you should think twice first when deciding to break through the reckless flooding. Because the flood broke through potentially damaging components of the vehicle, be it a two-wheeler and four wheels.One part of the vehicle is potentiallydamaged when flooding is invited to break through the tire.

Tires that have been marketed and have got certification is very safe to use in a variety of road conditions.This is because prior to the launch, the tire has gone through various tests eligibility for patentingperformance.Basically the tire that has been marketed already with the feasibility test.This tire has been tested in a variety of extreme conditions ranging from hot to cold.No matter if you want to break through flooded or submerged, the tire stays safe.

In addition to the condition of the tires, the other thing to watch out when pushing through the flood is a hidden object in a puddle.These objects are usually invisible because of being on the road and stagnant rain water murky. The object can be wood, stone, nail attached to the wood, stone or cement chunks of sharp, brokenbottles, etc. which can penetrate the tire. Continue reading


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