harley davidson roadster

Big motor manufacturers who have been legendary, Harley Davidson originating from the United States, was recently rumored to launch 2016 Roadster models Harley Davidson Roadster presence will fill a row of Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycle.The latest Roadster model that this is a combination of classic looks with a modern look or a futuristic impression. Interestingly, on the front of the Harley Davidson Roadster was designed with the newerconcept.

With the suspension up-side down, the Harley Davidson Roadster is more comfortable when driving. Not only that, the steering geometry has been modified in such a way that the Roadster is easier to maneuver. Then fork 43 mm seem more aggressive,  with handlebar shape designed lower.Lampclassic design was also to provide the feel of a more exclusive appearance decorate the front of this bike.

In addition, on the front there is also a 2 rotor measuring 30 mm complete with 2-pot calipers in order to provide maximum braking. On the other hand, the anti-lock system (ABS) became one of the features that support the selection of the braking system on this Roadster.At the wheel, Harley added made aluminium cast wheels measuring 19 inches in and 18 inches in the rear. Seat height from the ground to about 78.5 cm. Switch on the runway fapur sector, the Roadster is equipped with a 1200 cc engine equipped with air cold Evolution 45-degree V-Twin. Engine that carried Roadster is believed to be capable of providing up to 103 Nm of torque at 3,750 rpm rotation. Then, for enginepower through a 5-speed gearbox.

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