Make It This Before Wiper Troubled Rainy Season

Caring for the wiper device not only on the part of the rubber, although the rubber wiper become the primary function. But some parts also need to be treated and checked carefully. Care wiper device should not be concentrated on the rubber, some parts such as wiper frame and the driving motor must also be considered. If the frame and the driving motor is not treated it will interfere with the driver during the rainy season because the wipers do not work.

Here are some tips on doing a thorough wiper care:

1. Frequent movement of the wiper droop if rarely do care, it can be seen from the holder wipernya or check bolt handlebar position wiper possibility in a state of slack.

2. If the wiper die not move or only one that works, check cable connections there may be loose or dirty. In this condition usually switch the wipers will feel the heat.

3. Do also some checks such as fuse or fuse is loose or not, immediately tighten if loose. If you need to check the connection or the handlebars wiper inside the handlebars regardless whether or not, in order to immediately fix the wiper normal again.

I hope this article is helpful for you