Porsche 911 RS GT3

The use of carbon fiber materials in sports cars are now not only done by the automobile manufacturers, but also home modifications. As do the tuner Edo Competition Porsche 911 GT3 sportscar. Porsche 911 GT3 RS comes with a more sporty exterior look of the standard after the body is replaced using carbon fiber materials.

Front and rear bumpers, wings, side panels intakes, winglets, mirror covers, and a rear cover redesigned air intake. Do not just look, carbon materials selected to reduce the weight of the car so that performance is maximized. Car scoops reported. Carbon fiber also makes the car more sporty cabin for carbon fiber on the dashboard, center console, door walls and upholstery.

The German tuner did not make changes to the line six-cylinder engine capacity of 4.0 liters capable of producing power of 500 hp and maximum torque of 338 pound-feet. Engine combined with the dual-clutch seven-speed. Do not mention how much it costs to build a Porsche 911 GT3 RS carbon fiber and long process.