Caring for Automatic Car

Automatic transmission driving on the streets of the capital or major city that was never out of a traffic jam , it is more promising comfort in comparing manual transmission car.But behind the comfortobtained,the automatic gearbox needing care exceeds the manual transmission , especially in dealings with the gearbox .

Here are things you should know :

1 . Automatic Transmission Fluid

In the automatic gearbox , there is a fluid whose name Automatic Transmission Fluid, its function is not only lubricate . The principle of the hydraulic automaticgearbox requires a mediator .Primarily to regulate tooth movement and pressed the clutch plate . So if the viscosity of the viscosity drops , the pressure generated will also be reduced .

2 . Combustion process

Because there is no combustion process in the automatic transmission , the lower the viscosity of the fluid is caused due to contaminationlifetime . It can not be avoided , because any friction that occurs in the clutch plate ,definitely generate a charge / Grum contaminants .

3 . slip Clutch

Symptoms can damage the automatic transmission in the feel of the clutch slip . The indication of an imbalance rev the engine with the car’s speed .Machines already roaring at high speed , but the car is running at a rate that is not balanced with the roar of a car . Continue reading