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harley davidson roadster

harley davidson roadster

Big motor manufacturers who have been legendary, Harley Davidson originating from the United States, was recently rumored to launch 2016 Roadster models Harley Davidson Roadster presence will fill a row of Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycle.The latest Roadster model that this is a combination of classic looks with a modern look or a futuristic impression. Interestingly, on the front of the Harley Davidson Roadster was designed with the newerconcept.

With the suspension up-side down, the Harley Davidson Roadster is more comfortable when driving. Not only that, the steering geometry has been modified in such a way that the Roadster is easier to maneuver. Then fork 43 mm seem more aggressive,  with handlebar shape designed lower.Lampclassic design was also to provide the feel of a more exclusive appearance decorate the front of this bike.

In addition, on the front there is also a 2 rotor measuring 30 mm complete with 2-pot calipers in order to provide maximum braking. On the other hand, the anti-lock system (ABS) became one of the features that support the selection of the braking system on this Roadster.At the wheel, Harley added made aluminium cast wheels measuring 19 inches in and 18 inches in the rear. Seat height from the ground to about 78.5 cm. Switch on the runway fapur sector, the Roadster is equipped with a 1200 cc engine equipped with air cold Evolution 45-degree V-Twin. Engine that carried Roadster is believed to be capable of providing up to 103 Nm of torque at 3,750 rpm rotation. Then, for enginepower through a 5-speed gearbox.

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Motorcycle is the engine of human invention.Then it becomes a natural thing, if there is a shortage and damage there – here. However, damage to components of the vehicle, certainly raisesconcerns on the rider. An example is when he found on a motorcycle fuel tank has leaked.

Besides disturbing, motorcycle tank leak would be very dangerous, especially if the gasoline ignited a fire exit. Actually, what causes the motor to be leaking tank? It turned out that the motorcycle tank leak cause quite trivial, water. Air can sneak in on a motorcycle tank, through the tank cap.If this happens constantly, then over time it became a lot of water and settles in the bottom of the tank. Then, the bottomplate motorcycle tank will suffer loss by water. And this is what is causing the motor tank is leaking.

But for the leak that had been unheard of, Immediately consult your authorized workshop of your motorcycle. Good luck…!



Motorcycles are vehicles with two wheels driven by an engine. Second layout inline wheels straight and at a high speed motorcycle remained stable due to the gyroscopic force. While at low speed, stability or equilibrium depends on the settings of motorcycle handlebars by motorists.The use of motorcycles in Indonesia is very popular because the price is relatively cheap, affordable for mostpeople and the use of fuel as well as well as operational cost saving enough.

First motorcycle in the world. Motorcycle is the development of a conventional bicycle is first discovered. In 1868, Michaux ex Cie, a company that produces the world’s first large-scale bike, started to develop the steam engine propulsion bike.But these efforts still have not succeeded, and then followed by Edward Butler, a British inventor.Butler made a three-wheeled vehicle with an engine through combustion.Since the discovery, the more do the experiment to make motorcycles and cars. One was conducted by the Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach of Germany. Continue reading


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