Toyota Develops Technology Smart Car to Avoid Collision

Toyota Motor is developing technology driver assistance system that is integrated with artificial intelligence (AI). Development of this technology is targeted to be completed in five years. The usefulness of AI technology can improve vehicle safety by anticipating road accidents. AI will be very useful applied to a car without a driver or an autonomous vehicle.

To develop this advanced technology, Toyota will disburse $ 1 billion in five years. Most of the technology will be used as a vehicle security features. It is a short-term priority.This technology allows the vehicle to think, act, and even take over control of the steering wheel from the driver to maneuver required to avoid a collision. This step is an aggressive effort from Toyota to realize autonomous car in the event the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Technology driver assistance system when it’s already widely used by utilizing image sensors to avoid collisions with other vehicles including a pedestrian who was in one lane. However, the technology developed TRI claimed to be able to make the car more responsive in maneuvering. Intelligence is able to dodge a car suddenly. Basically it’s like a guardian angel who is able to compress the gas, steer, brake, in parallel with the driver.