Toyota Patented Design Flying Car

Out of the mainstream, Toyota apparently is developing a flying car. It is known from the patent publications image ‘Shape Morphing Fuselage For an Aerocar’ proposed Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America. Patents issued by the authorities of the United States is known on June 23, 2016. The filing of this patent itself has been carried out since December 19, 2014.

In these patents appear Toyota equipped car body panels that can be arranged flexibly. This is to facilitate when walking on land. Thin body panels that serves to hide the wings in it. In conditions of oncoming cars on the ground, the wings are hidden inside the body, and vice versa.

If not used to fly, wings tucked in a folded position that does not require a large space. Position is in the rear cabin of the car. In the picture also appears a small propeller at the rear of the car. The car’s design was also made tangible sedan like a plane with its front end like an ellipse.

No mention of whether the image of this application will be imposed on the Toyota model of what and when it will be realized. However, from this picture it is clear that Toyota is already square off developing a new transport technology that can function on land and air.